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Little Sister
Sakura from Fire Emblem: Fates! I tried to emulate Hidari's art style in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Still got some more practicing to do!

Favs and comments appreciated! :D

EDIT: Fullbody!
Did this a while back just for kicks when the virgin killer sweater meme was a thing, lol.

Forgot to upload it here. :P

Leader. Atlas native. Has a super fast metabolism so has to constantly eat. Makes REALLY good ramen. Adores Weiss.
Weapon: "Tyrant Regalia" Kinetic shield and rod that absorbs energy from impacts. Merges into a greatsword when energy is sufficient. Is also a gun.
Semblance: Kinetic redirection. Can't be done consecutively.

Mistral native. Very optimistic and likes to play tricks on people. Great ribbon-dancer. Seldom cleans up after herself. Very friendly.
Weapon: "Aether Spire" Laser whip that can switch between single and double arc modes. Is also a gun.
Semblance: Sweet talking. Can convince people to do things as long as they are weak-willed.

DEE CERISE - Bat Faunus
Vacuo native. So quiet that people sometimes forget she's there. Her wings are too small to let her fly. Owns mostly backless clothes.
Weapon: "Vibra Tessen" Iron war fans with launch-able blades in each segment. Held differently compared to standard war fans. Has arm guards. Is also a gun.
Semblance: Hyperawareness. Uses vibrations from both the air and the ground to detect moving enemies.

NERA BLANCHE - Sheep/Ram Faunus
Vale native. Vertically challenged. Easily angers and has a potty mouth. Usually lacks sleep. Violent.
Weapon: "Twisted Capricorn" A battering ram, rocket launcher, and heavy machinegun. Can also be used as a place to sleep / ladder. Is a bigass gun.
Semblance: Gravity. The only reason why she can lift that monster of a weapon.
I've been getting a few "How do I commission you" questions lately, and wanted to let you guys know where I'm most active:…

My Twitter updates WAY more than dA. Be sure to read the above tweet if you're interested in commissioning! I only open slots every monday~


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