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Animo Benilde!
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XY and ORAS Fullbodies
XY/ORAS Fullbody Experiment by Ravenide
XY/ORAS Fullbody Experiment 5 by Ravenide
XY/ORAS Fullbody Experiment 4 by Ravenide
XY/ORAS Fullbody Experiment 3 by Ravenide
XY/ORAS Fullbody Experiment 2 by Ravenide Art Trade~ by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Magnolia (Fullbody) by Ravenide Pokemon Performer Serena by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Bridget by Ravenide Ace Trainer Kuro by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Titus by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Mattias Fullbody by Ravenide 

XY and ORAS style trainers that include a cropped portrait version. Please include all the general information you think I should know. (Pokeball, Pose, Personality, Age, etc)
XY and ORAS Trainer Sprites
Pokemon Master Keith by Ravenide
Pokemon Master Leena by Ravenide
Pokemon Master Grey by Ravenide
Pokemon Master Manjean by Ravenide
Pokemon Breeder Reesa by Ravenide
Pokemon Master Kassie by Ravenide
Commander Charon by Ravenide    Pokemon Mystic Circe by Ravenide   Pokemon Trainer Valzion by Ravenide
 Pokemon Trainer Olivia by Ravenide   Pokemon Trainer Miranda by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Darius by Ravenide 

Pokemon Trainer Ramona by Ravenide  Pokemon Trainer Val by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Puck by Ravenide 
Team Magma Leader Aillin by Ravenide Team Aqua Leader Nerissa by Ravenide Human Snag Machine Robin by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Nami by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Hanako by Ravenide Minecraft Player Ravenzyre by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Jade by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Fay by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Althea by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Magnolia by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Kips by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Valski by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Luke by Ravenide Pokemon Professor Rosewood by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Licia by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Luna by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Noxte by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Lillian by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Omega by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Nick by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Mattias by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Chess by Ravenide Coordinator Ren by Ravenide Gym Leader Octavia by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Axel by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Azure by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Nbay by Ravenide 
Pokemon Ranger Niz by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Mars by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer SmugLeaf by Ravenide 
Magma Leader Tomiko by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Wade by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Reena by Ravenide 
Pokemon Coordinator May (2) by Ravenide Gym Leader Misty by Ravenide Pokemon Coordinator May by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Sohrob by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Dustin by Ravenide PokeKellz by Ravenide 
Pokemon Coordinator Dawn by RavenidePokemon Trainer Ash by RavenidePokemon Coordinator Dawn (2) by Ravenide
Pokemon Trainer Titus Mugshot by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Riviere by Ravenide Pokemon Trainer Tatsu by Ravenide 
Pokemon Trainer Sravz by Ravenide 

POKEMON X/Y and OMEGA RUBY/ALPHA SAPPHIRE styled trainer sprites. Please provide the following information:
- Name
- Pokemon trainer type: Ranger? Coordinator? etc
- Pokeball
- Pose and personality

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CharlieDawg7 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016
Are your commissions open cause I will get account points if they are but I want to make sure before I spend my money.
Ravenide Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Indeed, my commissions are open.
CharlieDawg7 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
I sent you a request, but you haven't accepted. Do you draw them before accepting them or have you not been online? I can't tell because I'm on mobile right now.
Ravenide Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I draw before I accept. :P
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BloopyDaGhost Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  New Deviant
hey man, i was wondering if you could make an OC for me. if not, i completely understand.
i am thinking about making an pokemon yt channel so i need an OC.

kind regards
Pedro The Puppy |Smirk 
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